80 talented students in Japan from Daffodil-Japan IT

80 talented students in Japan from Daffodil-Japan IT

From Daffodil-Japan IT 80 meritorious students went to Japan to pursue higher studies in the last session. They went to Japan for higher study in different cities across Japan. In addition, 4 DJIT students have landed in Japan for technical intern training programs (temporary job visa).

Knowledge on Japanese language is considered as pre-requisite for higher study and part-time employment in Japan. Usually you have to complete the beginner level of Japanese language from Bangladesh and learn the advance level in Japan. It usually takes three to four months to complete beginner level of Japanese language from Daffodil-Japan IT. Afterward it will take at least 1 year 3 months or maximum 2 years to complete the advance level in Japan. After finishing Japanese language course, you can either study at the university level or go for full time employment depending on your circumstances. However, students can work part-time from the very beginning due to huge availability for part-time jobs.

Daffodil-Japan IT has been organizing regular seminars to explain in detail the cost, benefits and the whole process of going to study in Japan. Students of any department can participate in it. The seminar is open and free to all. If you want to participate in the seminar, follow this link: http://djit.ac/japan_reg/

Why Japan?

The quality of education in Japan is somewhat international standard and it is widely accepted across the globe. Students have the opportunity to study in about 700 universities at a much lower cost. In addition to studying, the Japanese government is offering 28-hour part-time job that is not common phenomenon in any developed country like Europe or America. Moreover, there is no legal obligation to work full-time during the annual vacation. The minimum hourly wage in Japan is 800-1200 Japanese Yen. This salary also increases with the increment of work and language skills.

Eligibility for Admission

HSC, Diploma, Undergraduate and Postgraduate or equivalent qualified students can apply. Proficiency in Japanese language is pre-requisite as well. In the beginning you have to attend selection interviews in Japanese language institutes. If you pass the interview, you have to submit the required documents to Japan Immigration. One year tuition fee has to be paid after issuance of eligibility letter from immigration. Then you have to apply for entry clearance by submitting the required paperwork to the Japanese Embassy in Bangladesh.

In this regard, Daffodil Japan IT Managing Director Mr. Toru Okazaki said that they continued their activities even during the lockdown and online classes were launched. Despite the Corona situation, many Bangladeshi students have migrated to Japan this year after taking Japanese language courses from their institution. Each of them got a part-time job in Japan very quickly.

Mr. Mahadee Hasan, senior manager of the institute, said that since it is necessary to know Japanese language to go to Japan, they are teaching Japanese language to Bangladeshi students through this institute.

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