Daffodil International School Chandpur has set an example of digitization among the other institutions in Bangladesh.  The school has initiated virtual classrooms for the students since 19 March. The entire academic activities, including the class conduction, administrative functions, students counseling everything is going online without any interruptions. And the digitization process started just after two days of lockdown declaration.  From PlayGroup to Class X students are attending classes divided into two sections. The students of Play group to Standard III are attending classes regularly. Through facebook messenger. The teachers provide video lessons through messenger video calls and the students submit their lessons in the respective messenger groups of the classes. From the play group to STD-X, there is a messenger group for each of the classes where all the students and subject teachers of the class remain active. 

The principal of the school, Mr. Nur Khan is engaged in all the class groups to monitor the activities. From STD-IV to STD-X, regular classes are run using Google Meet and Google classroom. DIS Chandpur maintains the routine for the class.  Students are also found very enthusiastic while attending the classes. Where other institutions are closed and students are missing their academic activities, whereas, the digitization process helped the students to remain connected with learning activities. Students also attended Online Exams which is helping them to stay ahead in the competition with others. 

DIS always believes in a strong relationship with the guardians of the students. Therefore DIS arranges guardian meetings throughout the year. DIS holds the parents meeting through Google Meet. The Honorable Principal also keeps regular contact with the guardians of all the classes. To get their opinions more intensely, he often meets the guardians in virtual meetings. to know about the students,  problems, opportunities and obviously, their progress in study.  

Gradually, the school activities are integrating with the SaaS module from the last two months. The entire function has been developed in SaaS which makes its operation smooth.  However, the achievement was not so easy for the institution. As Daffodil International School is a famous school in the district, there are so many students from remote village areas. The students as well as their guardians have a very little idea in using Smartphone technology.  As a result, it was very tough for them to make its members habituated in online classes. . The institution had to face another challenge for this purpose. Due to the financial crisis during the lockdown period, it was quite tough for many of the guardians to pay for their internet connection. To assist the guardians in this regard and to ensure the online class opportunity for all the students, Daffodil International School, Chandpur has declared a 10% waiver in the monthly tuition fees of the students. The decision is immensely praised. 

The initiative of adding an online classroom has earned huge positive remarks and gained recognition as the pioneer of online education in Chandpur. The institution has become an idol for the other educational institutions of the district.

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