DIIT celebrated Basanta Utsab

DIIT celebrated Basanta Utsab

A daylong Basanta Utsab (Spring Festival) was held at Daffodil Institute of IT, Chattogram on 1st Falgun 1425 on 13th Feb 2019.

With the theme “Love is blooming in the air eyes are drunk with love someone calling me to say that spring has come.” (আকাশে বহিছে প্রেম, নয়নে লাগিল নেশা, কারা যে ডাকিল পিছু বসন্ত এসে গেছে।), students of DIIT celebrated the festival by welcoming the seasonal spring like butterfly dances in the Palash Flower”.

DIIT Principal Md. Faruque Islam inaugurated the programme titled “DIIT Basanta Utsab 1425” organized by DIIT students for the first time at the Institute. Md. Shah Newaz Mazumder, Head of Operations, DIIT, Chattogram and Md. Shahadat Hossain, Business Development Manager, DIIT Chattogram were present in the program.

A colorful rally was held in the opening session while various cultural performances, including puthi path, musical drama on Rabindranath Tagore’s creation, song, poetry recitation and jatra were presented by DIIT students in the second session, which will be boosting up spirit of the students for achieving academic excellence in the days to come.

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