DIU distributes self prepared Hand Sanitizer, Soap & Masks among Students and Employees

DIU distributes self prepared Hand Sanitizer, Soap & Masks among Students and Employees

Aiming to protect coronavirus, department of Pharmacy and the department of Nutrition & Food Engineering of Daffodil International University (DIU) distributed hand their textile lab of DIU to prevent the spread of infectious coronavirus or COVID-19. Initially, 500 bottles 5000 masks had been prepared and distributed among the students and teachers and employees of different campuses and halls. Sanitizers, soaps and masks among students, teachers and employees at free of cost. Beside these, thermal check up has been imposed in every campus. The department of Pharmacy, Textile Engineering and Nutrition & Food Engineering jointly produced this hand sanitizer and soap in the laboratory of DIU while Textile Engineering department prepared the masks in

Dr. Md. Sabur Khan, Founder and Chairman, Daffodil International University inaugurated the program today on March 16, 2020 at Dhanmondi Campus while Professor Dr. Yousuf M Islam, Vice Chancellor, Daffodil International University inaugurated the distribution program in the same time at Ashulia Permanent Campus. Professor Dr. Mostafa Kamal, Dean, Permanent Campus, Professor Dr Md. Bellal Hossain, Head,, Dr. Amir Ahmed, Associate Head, Department of Nutrition & Food Engineering and Professor Dr. Muniruddin Ahamed, Head, Department of Pharmacy were present at the hand sanitizer distribution program.

While inaugurating Dr. Md. Sabur Khan said Daffodil International University always give priority to humanitarian grounds and cares about the safety & security measures of the students and employees, so that he has initiated this program to avoid hustle & market crisis and funded for it as the part of Academic Social responsibility and he wants to contribute a lot and will extend support what is needed for this program. To create awareness and ensuring services the program will be expanded among the people of the locality, adjacent mosques, bus stops, shopping malls and public toilet also, he added.

Earlier, Department of Public Health of Daffodil International University organized a seminar on ‘Outbreak and Prevention of Coronavirus (COVID – 19)’ on 2nd March 2020 at 71 Milonayoton of the university where Prof. Dr. Meerjady Sabrina Flora, Director of the Institute of Epidemiology, Disease Control and Research (IEDCR) was present as the chief guest and Dr. A S M Alamgir, Principal Scientific Officer, IEDCR presented the  keynote paper on the seminar.

World Health Organization instructed all to wash hands with soap and water or to use alcohol based hand rubs/ sanitizers as hand touch many surfaces and can pick up viruses. Once contaminated hands can transfer the virus to eyes, nose or mouth from where the virus can enter the body and can make one affected with the virus.  

It may be mentioned here that Daffodil International University has specialized doctor and ambulance on 24 hours to provide all kind of medical service for the students and employees. Not only that, recently DIU has made an agreement with Cardio Care Specialized and General Hospitals  for all sorts of Medical services for the students and employees of the university.

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