DIU observes ‘Amar Ekushey’ and International Mother Language Day 2021 with gala events

DIU observes ‘Amar Ekushey’ and International Mother Language Day 2021 with gala events

With great enthusiasm and due respect, Daffodil International University (DIU) observed 21st February the Great 21st February ‘Shahid Dibash’ and ‘International Mother Language Day’ (21st February 2021) and paid tribute to the martyrs of the language movement. Early in the morning the students, teachers and officers of the university brought out a mourn rally from Younus Khan Scholars Garden lead by Professor Dr. Mostafa Kamal, Dean, Academic Affairs, Prof. Dr. M Shamsul Alam, Dean, Engineering Faculty and Ishaq Miji, Deputy Registrar and gathered at university Central Shahid Minar and paid tribute to the martyrs of historic Language movement who sacrificed their lives for the recognition of Bangla as one of the state language of erstwhile Pakistan in 1952. 

Beside this, to mark the day all the clubs of Daffodil International University jointly chalked out elaborate programs in Online platform title “ Chetonai Ekush”. The programs  included Recitation, Songs, Choreographic Dance and Drama titled “ Ekti Vashar Mukti” based on language movement presented by All Star Daffodil written by Khaledur Rahman Shafi & Ahmed Meraj and directed byKhan Mohammad Al Araf. Daffodil International University Sports Club also organized” International Mother Language Day T-10 Cricket Tournament where 4 teams name after 4 Language martyres took part in the tournament. The teams are Martyred Salam Ekadosh, Martyred Barkat Ekadosh, Martyred Rafiq Ekadosh and Martyred Jabbar Ekadosh  .

While addressing the programs speakers advised the students to be more careful about proper spelling, pronunciation and application of Bengali language in all aspects of life and uphold the dignity of mother tongue building a strong base of Bengali language in the core of heart. They also stressed, there is none but, Banglalees have created an iconic example in the world sacrificing their lives for their beloved mother language and based on their sacrifice international community has declared 21st February as International Mother Language Day which is a great pride for us as a nation and now 21st February is being observed all over the members countries of United Nations. So we have to play the vital role and show great respect to Mother Language which would be the role model for other nations.            

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