Legal Training for Startups in BVCL

Legal Training for Startups in BVCL

Recent research shows, apparently 82% admit on occasionally stealing ideas from co-workers. Do you want to be one of the victims? Most of our answer will surely be ‘no’.

Bangladesh Venture Capital Ltd has organized a training session on 23rd January 2019 for the first time on “Legal Training for Startupsto protect precious Business ideason this theme.

The session was started with the speech of Golam Monowar Kamal, Managing Director of BVCL on Business and revenue model. Mohammad Shibli Shahriar, Associate Professor and Head of DIE presented “what you need to know before starting a business”, Md. Rashadul Islam, Operation Manager, BVCL And Advocate, Maliha Islam, Research Associate of BVCL described everything in detail from beginning to the end.

A robust patent or copyright can help to attract investors, since it may serve as an entry barrier against competitors. Trademarks can appreciate in value over time with continuous brand awareness through social media platforms. The more the reputation grows, the more value they create for the startup. Thus, trademarks, patent & copyrights can potentially lead the way for growth and expansion of the business.

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