Brilliant Success of MBA Program of DIIT NU

Brilliant Success of MBA Program of DIIT NU

Daffodil Institute of IT (DIIT) has become a name of pride in every academic aspect in the professional courses, such as BBA, CSE, BTHM, and MBA under National University (NU), Bangladesh. From the very inauguration of its journey since 2000, DIIT has been flourishing day by day. DIIT believes that institutional progress is oriented largely to the achievement of students. Thus, it has been concentrating to enhance the performance of students focusing on career readiness, virtual & blended learning process, competency, and skill-based education.

One of the pretty young departments is the MBA program launched in 2015. However, the total quality progression of the MBA program is undoubtedly outstanding since its inception. Its results all over Bangladesh have brought immense branding for the Daffodil family. Every year, the students of the MBA program in DIIT are doing outstanding results securing the 1st to 20th merit position in all over Bangladesh.  From the first batch of 2015 to the last one in 2019, 100% of examinees passed, with credential results in the final examination. More than 50% of the students acquired CGPA 3.50 and above. Among them, a couple of students have scored CGPA 4.00 out of 4.00 which is a history for DIIT as well as of National University.

This Year, we also have got the favor and flavor of our acceptance to the students in the scenario of admission. In this pandemic situation, DIIT has successfully filled up 110 Seats of MBA admission for the 6th batch under National University within 15 days.

The tremendous effort, proper guideline, genuine care, and admissible nurture by the teachers for the day to day quality improvement, prioritizing the skill-based knowledge, being used to with current techno world, all together have yielded fruitful results in the MBA as well as BBA, CSE and BTHM programs every year.

DIIT believes that the integrated effort of teachers, students along with guardians are the main key factors of success. DIIT always tries to keep growing and to be the role model as well as an exemplary institute in the arena of education in Bangladesh.

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