Mohammad Nuruzzaman appoints as Senator of WBAF

Mohammad Nuruzzaman appoints as Senator of WBAF

Mohammad Nuruzzaman, CEO of the Daffodil Family, has recently been appointed as Senator of the World Business Angels Investment Forum (WBAF). He will represent Bangladesh in the grand assembly of WBAF scheduled to be held on February 14 & 15, 2021.

The appointment of Mohammad Nuruzzaman paved the way for the expansion of Bangladeshi startups and businesses in the international arena. From now on, Bangladeshi young entrepreurs will be able to take advantage of various opportunities globally. Through this appointment, the investment market of Bangladesh became connected with the international investment market. As a result, local investors, incubation centers, private equity firms, co-investment funds, technology parks, corporate ventures and potential entrepreneurs in Bangladesh will be able to interact with the world’s leading business leaders.

Mohammad Nuruzzaman  is leading 41 sister concerns of Daffodil Family  and simultaneously working continuously behind growing up the alumni of different educational institution of Daffodil Education Network as start up. Beside this, he has associated himself as an Angel investor with some successful Startups.     

Regarding this appointment Baybars Altuntas, chairman of the World Business Angels Investment Forum Said, ‘we strongly believe that Bangladesh will reach the pinnacle of economic development very soon, because of the environment of the country which is very entrepreneurial.

WBAF is the world’s largest forum for startups and entrepreneurial development. 138 high commissioners and senators from 79 countries are associated with this forum. The WBAF Business School has 50 teachers in 32 countries and 5 International Working Committees. The WBAF World Congress is held yearly in February.

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