Professional Development Training Program Held at DIS

Professional Development Training Program Held at DIS

Program for Teaching Professional Development (TPD) training course for DIS EM teachers at DIU campus came to an end on 26 June 2019, Wednesday where 40 teachers took part spontaneously. Dr Md Mahmudul Hassan, Principal; Dr. Md. Masudur Rahman, Vice Principal; Mr. Masum Billah, Education specialist, Dr. Azizur Rahman, Curriculum Specialist and Dr. Ikramuzzaman, Curriculum specialist conducted valuable sessions as the resource persons. 

Teachers were trained on different topics such as, Conflict Management, Discipline Maintenance, Peer Observance, Efficient LP Preparation, Teacher-Learner Relationship, Developing Interpersonal Relations and many more.

DIS management believes that Teachers’ training is important for both experienced and novice teachers of the institution. Teachers must get a hand of innovative pedagogy, implement interactive assessment techniques and use differentiation in the classroom to enliven the teaching-learning process.  It is important that teachers will be aware of different kinds of learners under their care. They also need to identify ways of dealing with them as an outcome of training and development process.

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