The Vice-chancellor is actively monitoring the Online class of DIU

The Vice-chancellor is actively monitoring the Online class of DIU

The whole world is fighting an invisible enemy now. At this moment of extreme crisis, everyone is trying to survive in such an adverse condition of the Coronavirus. For this reason, we have to change the as-usual process of our lifestyle & working system also.

After the announcement of the general holiday for everyone, all teachers/educators are informed that as per the precautions taken to prevent the recent Coronavirus infection, all classes of the University would be closed but all online classes would remain on. Daffodil International University is trying to continue its regular activities like scheduled class, quiz, presentation, assignment & exam through online technology. To continue the regular process of the semester, all the teachers are taking classes via Google Classroom, Module, Blended Learning, Google Meet, etc. Students are also feeling very excited to learn through technology. Parents are very happy with the decision of the management of the University.

To check & advise; all the faculties and students, Professor Dr. YM Islam, the Vice-chancellor of DIU is actively monitoring the online classes of DIU. He is trying to give new ideas and guidelines for the process of teaching & learning in this adverse situation. He is also providing tips on how to protect ourselves and our families. As well as how to take the exam online and how the students will participate in the examination. Vice-chancellor directly oversees these activities and monitors them every day to ensure our education quality.

Hopefully, the whole education system will get back to our normal life very soon. Awareness and alertness from every corner can protect everyone from this epidemic.

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