“Wear Mask-Stay Healthy” Program at Daffodil Chattogram

“Wear Mask-Stay Healthy” Program at Daffodil Chattogram

Daffodil Institute of IT, Chattogram has initiated a campaign “Wear a Mask-Stay Healthy, Keep Your Family Healthy”. On 26 November  at 11:30 am, the campaign was formally initiated to ensure preventive measures to stay safe before  the second wave of pandemic corona.

The program was attended by Head of Operation of the Institute Md. Shah Nawaz Mazumder, Honorable Principal Mr. Md. Faruque Islam and Senior Business Development Manager Mr. Md. Shahadat Hossain and all the teachers of Daffodil Institute of IT, and a small number of students. All attendees participated in the program by following the prescribed health hygiene and  maintaining social distance to keep them safe from the Coronavirus.

At the discussion the speakers urged everyone to wear a mask as the first step to stay free from corona. At the same time, it was advised to follow other hygiene rules to protect themselves from the attack of the virus.  

During the event, free masks were distributed and hands were sanitized among the passers by on the street  The event came to an end at around 1:00pm.

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