Webinar on “Chase your Dream: The Journey to BCS” Arranged by DIIT

Webinar on “Chase your Dream: The Journey to BCS” Arranged by DIIT

DIIT aims at manifesting the intellect of students and preparing them to reach their career goal. In the socio-economic context of Bangladesh the BCS is still the most prestigious sector and most of the students dreamt to be a BCS cadre. DIIT has now become the brightest star in the sky of academic sectors for its academic excellence. It is the first organization which is not only providing National University programs but also giving career support to the students to become  BCS cadre & getting other prestigious jobs. 

To make the dream true, DIIT has published a book named “Chase Your Dream” and students are taught 6-8 questions in every class of every semester from the book.

To give a real picture of it, DIIT arranged a webinar on “Chase your dream: The Journey to BCS” in which the keynote speakers of the session were  Dr. Md. Akhtaruzzaman Talukder & Mr. Noor-E-Khaja Alamin. The webinar was started with the recitation from the holy Quran. The honorable principal, Dr. Mohammed Shakhawat Hossain who presided the program delivered the welcome speech. 

The first keynote speaker, Dr. Md. Akhtaruzzaman Talukder gave the guideline to become the BCS Cadre, He mentioned the career pathways, the preparedness a should have, the subject that need to study, syllabuses, books that the student should follow.  He also discussed the method of getting preparation for BCS sharing his experience as a BCS cadre in his speech. 

The second keynote speaker, Mr. Noor-E-Khaja Alamin guided the students focusing on why we should have a dream, how to set a goal, how  to reach the goal and to face the viva-voice board, dress up, get up etc. He also motivated & inspired the student to be a BCS cadre showing the facilities & prospects being a BCS holder. The students, faculties, management staff attended the webinar. 

DIIT firmly believes that the integrated efforts by the teachers, students along with guardians are the key factors of its success. 

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