Despite Coronavirus crisis DIC keeps its academic activities normal

Despite Coronavirus crisis DIC keeps its academic activities normal

Despite the pandemic situation occurring for Covid 19 virus, Daffodil International College has ensured regular academic activities for its students, Through using Google Meet, technology & systems,  DIC has initiated Virtual Classes for its students. DIC has also initiated TOT for the teachers to develop their skills for taking the online classes. 

Besides the regular class activities, Parents Meeting, weekly meeting, coordination meeting, accounts related activities are also going on in full swing with the help of an online system. Principal and faculty members are motivating the students through virtual communication. 

The teachers are also counseling the students to become conscious about the present situation and encourage them to fight against this global crisis. Every individual in DIC is trying to keep them active physically and mentally. Guide teachers are also communicating with the students over cell phones and not allowing them to sleep for an unusual period of time. 

Principal, Lt Col Md. Zahirul Islam (Retd) also advised the students to support their parents in household chores and to spend time with the parents which will reduce the gap between parents and children. In the Parents Meeting, he requested the parents to cooperate with the college efforts. Parents are cooperating with their children in college activities. And monitoring the classes regularly. 

Moreover, DIC teachers are also conducting online classes for HSC examinees. As HSC exam has been postponed, the students are passing their time idly. So to keep them busy in the study teachers are willingly taking virtual classes so that they cannot get demoralized and be connected with DIC online activities.

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