DIIT Initiatives in response to the Corona Virus Outbreak

DIIT Initiatives in response to the Corona Virus Outbreak

The Corona virus outbreak has shaken the whole world tremendously. Bangladesh is also facing huge challenges now. Most importantly our lifestyle has changed radically. Almost all of us are locked down at home from outside activities. So the Education sector is already facing new challenges. At this situation Daffodil Institute of IT has ensured regular classes and learning events open for its students.  In spite of staying at home and maintaining social distance, Daffodil Institute of IT (DIIT) has taken a set of effective initiatives to survive in this situation. DIIT is engaging its students in the classroom and learning process through various online activities, such as- online classes, online Adda, Games, Quiz, teacher-student-parent meetings, feedback and response, training sessions etc. The Principal of the institute Dr. Mohammed Shakhawat Hossain, initiated the online teaching & learning systems considering the impact of study break that the students may face. 

To ensure the quality of online classes DIIT has organized many workshop and training sessions on how to use the site, google classroom, online meeting tools, etc. The faculties also gave their effort to prepare themselves, took demo classes and shared their practical experiences and tips, before the actual implementation of the online activities. DIIT overcame all the challenges with the heartfelt support of all the teachers, students and employees in a very short time span.

It may be mentioned here that the CEO of Daffodil Family is directly monitoring the online classes regularly to ensure effectiveness of the classes and teaching & learning methodology. The integrative teaching and learning systems really made the class live and students’ presence at the class  are also going high gradually. 

The Honorable Chairman of Daffodil Family Dr Md Sabur Khan has highly appreciated the time bound initiative of DIIT. 

Besides, the teachers and staff are also attending home offices using the technology to ensure smooth operation of the institute and keep their immune systems active. 

It may be mentioned here that the Daffodil Family has already integrated Technology with its entire activities which was possible for the far sighted vision of Honorable Chairman Dr. MD Sabur Khan.  Also developed skilled technical persons who are working devotedly for the organization.

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