Education During the Pandemic Period of COVID-19 in DIS, Chandpur

Education During the Pandemic Period of COVID-19 in DIS, Chandpur

In August 2020, Daffodil International School, Chandpur was vivid with her activities in a virtual platform. The institution left no stone unturned to fulfill the duties. 

The institution has observed the 15th August, the National Mourning Day in virtually. The great endeavor of Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibar Rahman was remembered in the virtual platform. Everyone prayed for the eternal peace of the departed souls of Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibar Rahman and his family members.

In the month, the 2nd Term Examination took place for the first time. The institution, from the last 19th March, has started its routine activities virtually. From the very day, the school started to run the classes through online platforms. It has achieved immense success in this regard. The institution has achieved the title of ‘Pioneer of Online Classes in Chandpur’.

Being pleased with the huge presence of the students in the online classes, Mr. Nur Khan, the principal of the school decided to start Online Examination for proper feedback from the students. He joined several online meetings with the guardians of all the classes of the school respectively. He has accomplished great support from the guardians and they all agreed on the fact that it’s really a praiseworthy step to cope with such a crucial situation. So, the examination took place and successfully completed. Nevertheless, to the principal, the exam was just the beginning! He just wanted to see whether it was possible to take an exam wholly on a virtual platform. When he got the beginning perfect, he decided to proceed with the rest. He decided to start the 2nd term examination after the vacation of the Eid Ul Azha. According to the decision, the 2nd Term Examination of Daffodil International School, Chandpur started from 12th August 2020 and continued till the 29th of the month. The Exam was totally conducted on a virtual platform. The exam papers were provided from the school to the guardians following a proper routine and maintaining social distance. The school sent the exam papers to them by Courier. Students staying in India and Saudi Arabia also attended the examination. Thus, the Virtual Exam has become a meeting place for the students staying far from one another in the material world. So, the students enjoyed participation greatly.

Now, the academicians at DIS, Chandpur are busy in the evaluation of exam papers that are being submitted by the guardians according to a planned schedule. The institution will publish the result after the evaluation. To monitor the activities properly, the teachers and the officers of the institution are updating their profile in the SaaS platform regularly which is also a well equipped online platform to conduct official activities virtually.

The authority of the institution treats teaching as a mission not only as a profession. The academic and administrative are ready to give their level best to make the mission a success.

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