Webinar on Pathway to Becoming a Robotics Developer organized by DIC, Dhaka

Webinar on Pathway to Becoming a Robotics Developer organized by DIC, Dhaka

Daffodil International College imposes utmost importance on enriched and prosperous future

of the students. For this purpose, DIC arranged a ‘Webinar on Pathway to Becoming a

Robotics Developer’ on 10 July’21 at 4:00 pm hosted by Daffodil Robotics Lab, Department

of Software Engineering, Daffodil International University. The members of this Lab can be

able to practice, research and study about Robotics. Robotics club is not just about building or

assembling a robot but designing, programming and modifying a robot to such an extent that

the robot would be able to work like a human.

The students were very much impressed by the activities of Daffodil Robotics Lab. They were

overwhelmed to see the innovation made by the members of the lab. This webinar has a

great impact on our students to choose their future career. DIC students were encouraged to

become proud members of this Robotics club and to explore the horizon of Science and


Kaushik Sarker, Assistant Professor & Associate Head, Department of SWE, DIU, MD Hafizur

Imran, Lecturer, Department of SWE, DIU & Director, Daffodil Robotics Lab, Rony Saha,

Assistant Technical Officer, DIU & Course Instructor, Daffodil Robotics Lab, K M Parvez Boby,

Sr. Assistant Director, Daffodil Polytechnic Institute, Raushan Ara Ferdoushi, Assistant Vice

Principal, DIC and Dilara Afroz, Sr. Lecturer, DIC were present in this webinar and their

wholehearted cooperation and efforts made the program a successful one.

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